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Treat yourself to an exclusive Italian experience designed just for you. Enjoy a luxury vacation diving into the Dolce Vita and its premium enogastronomy.

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how we work

Seamless service and safety are the keystones of our operations, while exclusivity is given by the most thorough planning. The pleasure of your journey is our goal, whilst providing a perfect, bespoke service is our job. To make sure that your itinerary in Piedmont is perfect, it is necessary for us to meet and get to know you, establishing a confidential relationship that allows us to personalize it and make it as congenial as possible to you.

For this reason we have created a special survey that will help us understand what kind of traveler you are; in order to help you get to know Piedmont in the most satisfying and inimitable luxurious way that best reflects your tastes and preferences.

When it comes to planning a tailored itinerary, nothing can match the knowledge of the territory and facilities that only a local person has.

As we are locals, we know and love every small village, corner, authentic folk, exclusive places and hidden gems of our country, that most people will not get to experience when visiting Italy without us.

However, before luxury travel designers, we are above all travelers. We love discovering new places, new food, new cultures, learning how to get to know those who accompany us and enjoying the beauty of Italy together.

We do not limit ourselves to organizing and booking a pre-established and undistinguished itinerary. Our objective is different: we want to offer you an exclusive, unique experience, where you are guided by us throughout your journey.



Anne Carson, a Canadian poet wrote “The only rule of the journey is: do not return as you left. Come back different.” We were inspired by these words. Our tour operator is not a normal travel agency, but rather a team of people willing to take your hand and drive you along a new, unknown and wonderful road that will take you down unique paths. THE ITALIAN TROTTER will allow you to experience a one of a kind, unforgettable life experience, which will enrich your passions and your knowledge, enabling you to experience the Italian territory through food and wine: the jewels of the Belpaese.

You’ll come back different, you’ll come back better, and … you’ll want to leave with us again!


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